Michal David said enough to his daughter! My parents stopped financing my studies abroad, Klára admitted

Daughter Michael David we met at the launch of NFT investment cards and it was a big surprise for us that she wasn’t there with her dad, but she herself participated in the production and works for a company that deals with crypto-currencies and crypto-art.

As she explained to us, she chose this job when her parents informed her that they would no longer support her studies after she started studying at a second college in Paris. She had to start taking care of herself, she takes it as her parents’ responsibility not to rely only on their money.

“I’m trying to stand on my own two feet. So I’m still studying, now I’m doing a second master’s degree remotely, so I’m kind of a perpetual student, to put it bluntly. But I wrote a paper about crypto-art and thanks to that I got a job at a company where I do cryptocurrency research,” Klára spoke in front of the Expres camera.

On the other hand, she added that she is now living in her parents’ house for a while, but she has started looking for her own home again to have something for herself and her son.

Klára had to stand on her own two feet.

“It’s such a funny situation, because I study the other school remotely in Paris, so I travel there once in a while for lessons and exams. My parents didn’t want to sponsor me anymore, because I’m old enough to study, so I rented an apartment I have here in Prague for a year. I used that to pay for trips to Paris, rent, and studies. Now the lease is ending and I’m going to move from my parents’ place to mine again,” she added with a smile.

She is grateful to her parents for the opportunity they gave her in life. When she became pregnant at the age of nineteen, they allowed her to go to study in America and they took care of her grandson as if they were their own. Klára does not regret becoming a mother so soon.

Michal David with his wife Marcela

“Thank God I had that background. Thanks to my parents, it was possible for me to finish my studies, stand on my own two feet, and have a career,” the daughter of a well-known musician concluded the story.

She has finally become a self-confident woman and mother who knows how to provide for herself and does not need to rely on anyone.

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