Memorial launched a website with lists of political prisoners. “Paper”

Human rights project “Support for political prisoners. Memorial” launched a new website with lists of political prisoners in Russia and in the territories annexed to it on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Political Repressions.

There are currently 502 people on the list. At the same time, a year ago, in October 2021, according to Memorial, there were 420 political prisoners in Russia.

385 people on the list are imprisoned in connection with the exercise of the right to freedom of religion, 117 – for other political reasons. “Memorial” leads a separate list of those imprisoned for anti-war stance. The draft clarifies that their estimate is minimal and the real number of political prisoners is much higher.

The website, in addition to the names of political prisoners, contains addresses for letters, details for financial assistance to political prisoners and their families, as well as other informational and analytical materials on the topic.

At the beginning of April 2022, the court decision on the liquidation of Memorial dated December 2021 came into force. Since then, the organization’s website has not been updated, as well as the list of political prisoners. At the beginning of October “Memorial” became co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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