Meghan Markle is Nigerian, but don’t worry about Afrian: you’re the one talking about racism!

In the new episode of her podcast Archetypes, the actress and leader Meghan Markle she stated that she is 43 percent Nigerian. Markle, who was born in the USA, had a genealogical test done, which revealed that she has not only American but also African ancestry. Prohlen added that although she had learned about her cause five years ago, the time had come for her to learn about her roots.

She makes no secret of the fact that she is a great fighter against racism. But many are of the opinion that he is mainly fighting for his first.

em Africa rda, don’t bleed. U Harry took his love out to Kenya, making the whole continent fall in love with him. Prince William even proposed to his wife Kate in Kenya. Prince Harry was involved in charitable organizations that fought against the AIDS disease in Lesotho. Meghan again went to Rwanda for charity and completed the so-called African tour with her husband.

Nigeria gained independence in 1960, until the colonial times in Africa spread.

She secured recognition when she visited Ghana after it announced independence as the very first country in sub-Saharan Africa. On nvtv, the queen danced with the president, who was the president of Kwame Nkrumah’s time. With this gesture, she tamed the nada of Ghana from the policy of the Soviet Union, to which the country was inclined.

Paradoxically, Krlovna contributed to the country’s democracy and weakened socialist influence in the country.

Many Africans, however, suspect that at the very beginning of the declaration of independence, the African countries were not pleased with their actions. But Krlovna earned a lot of respect from many even after meeting Nelson Mandela.


However, not all Africans view the British monarchy positively, for many it is still, even years later, a symbol of colonialism and oppression. We could also witness how some Nigerians even celebrated the death of Queen Albata.

Many African countries have their own monarchs who work alongside presidents and governments. Many Africans do not see the benefits of being a part of the Commonwealth compared to countries that are not part of it.

Meghan Markle infamously compared herself to Nelson Mandela. His claim that he considered her to be his reincarnation in the Republic of South Africa turned out to be one big lie.

Prince Harry with man

Meghan comparing marrying Harry to freeing Nelson Mandela is ridiculous. People don’t take her very seriously here. The public’s respect belonged soon to Queen Albt II., the rising thorn… Not many people are interested in Meghan, Nigerian Samuel Ayoko told the Expres editors.

Meghan thus accused the royal family of racism when the Duchess Camilla was supposed to express concerns about the color of her skin.

Remember, if she wanted to talk about racism, there are a million different issues she could have changed. Not talking about the fact that she wanted to kill herself because of one note, the unbalanced hunter said. The color of the child is a completely normal and logical question. In such a case, I would also like to know if the child will have dark eyes, what will be the distance, if he will have red hair, said an Afrikaner, Esther Dumbuyaov.

Let’s not get rid of racism. Meghan shines a light on Africans because most of us don’t take such nonsense. It’s funny that a woman who made millions and married into the royal family is talking about racism. The abbreviation cannot be given because someone suppresses it or ignores it, Dumbuyaov concluded.

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