Mda z vonon print T: Shiny from the beginning, prodn Klus, retro Plodkov and moulov star

I know how to carry myself

Jakub Pracha (39) arrived on the same day in black, but he surprised with interesting accessories. On his hand shone an aristocratic ring with the image of grandfather Ilya Prachae.

This is a beautiful memory, you can be inspired and pay tribute to your ancestors.

Jakub Pracha
Ring detail

With sales at heart

Tom Klus (36) went out into the city in slightly squishy flea boots, his style is his own, he combines loose pieces with durable materials. This gives him a slightly rustic, practical style, in the best sense of the word.

The whole outfit is complemented by a turtleneck. Super styling, because it describes Klus absolutely and doesn’t play tricks.


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