Mda z Hranice lsky: Vagnerov’s breast peeked out, Formanov in pants, Schneiderov was bored

This is how it should be done

Antonie Formanov (24) has an incredibly penetrating look. One who is flattered by a minimum of make-up and a thick lion’s head. Antonie is not one of those ladies who have to show off in sexy pieces and stick her ass on every red carpet.

She bet on an individual style, i.e. a mix of feminine and feminine elements. They suit his figure perfectly, because even his movements are not extremely sharp. That’s why she looks practically perfect in a women’s blazer and reminds us of the style icons of past years such as Julia Roberts or Kim Basinger.

Antonia Formanov

On the contrary, a similar outfit with strong masculine elements would absolutely not suit men with a youthful appearance, lush curves and small eyes (like Reese Witherspoon and Shopaholic Nicol).


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