Mda z Alsa: Unyl Klusov, Princess Psaovicov and Makov as Elvis

Like Elvis

Tereza Makov (26) picked up a cube from Dominik Navrtil. The model is nice, but it would be more suitable for women like Tana Kuchaov and Daniela Psaovicov. Tiny Poppy is easy to bake, dark blue is also full of mood for straight hair. Otherwise, we praise the model for its originality and overall impression.

Teresa Makov

The most beautiful Czech moderator

Daniela Psaovicov (43) was clearly the hottest celebrity of the evening. The event was moderated in a beautiful princess dress. Vym dm very well exposed shoulders, all flattering Daniela’s body. For one!

Daniela Psaovicov

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