Mda of Wakanda: This is Africa! Celebrities paid tribute to the dead, the oldest continent and their roots

Africa queen

Actress Connie Chiume was born in the Republic of South Africa, which is where her name was inspired. She herself said that she wanted to look like a queen, which she fulfilled the South African character Scalo, she made the most opulent dress she had ever done.

We had a lot of fun, which is often a wasted fight. A tip on how to kidnap her? Go all the way into the creases of the color, it will look its best in the year when it becomes hairy.

Connie Chiume

A feather in a hat

Hannah Beachler is a woman, she is behind the movie skeletons. She wore a simple, romantic dress in white color, which she complemented with a stunning blouse with a pem.

Steal it trick: Extravagant pieces will be much more wearable if you dress them in neutral colors.

Hannah Beachler is the woman behind the movie costumes.

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