Matj Stropnick: It was a failure, but it cost us a fortune. I don’t follow Mr. Ilkova

Matj Stropnick was a central figure in the book of Daniel. Before the turn, he nervously walked around the camp and made a speech, the duty of sending the girl outside fell on his shoulders.

When it was over, some chairman of the Party of Greens gave an interview to Expres, and not only about his partner’s writing career.

I wasn’t allowed to talk to Dan in the book, he wanted to do it all with me. He saw that his puppies had a lot of response, and so a smile grew on his side. But it’s time, it’s his daughter and he’s great, funny, free, touching, but I’m sorry for the points, Matj Stropnick praised his partner.

The book is possible, it is a bestseller, especially before Christmas time. Only the house needs a lot of investments and repairs. But don’t worry about the energy crisis coming again.

Due to my widespread ecological activism, we cultivated the land in such a way that we could live there to the fullest extent. So not in the electrical industry, because we don’t have solar panels there, the building is a memory, but we heat it. And for those of us, we can clean the park ourselves. When we want to boil water for a bath, we have to wait an hour in summer and two in winter. explains Stropnick.

Matj Stropnick honored the book of partner Daniel Krejek.

According to him, other people have a fear of winter, but I don’t help them nearly as much as it should.

Don’t be afraid of winter in this regard, it’s a worry about how you will meet other people. I think that the government is not overcoming the energy crisis at all for the benefit of the people. A lot of talk, but little horse. There’s always a warning, you’ll get a ceiling on prices, but that still won’t help people avoid getting into debt. Vlda is weak and does not work for people, thank you to Jan Malov from SSD, who worked as an assistant before the Polish parliamentary elections.

Matj Stropnick, Daniel Krejk

Politics is at home with the Stropnicks in the dark. As Matj revealed to us, the candidacy of his father, Ambassador to Israel Martin Stropnicky, for the presidency was also discussed.

But we also asked him about the shocking video that Veronika ilkov made a few days ago. She and her father are divorced. It was originally supposed to be created in support of the candidate Danua Nerudov, but in the end it resulted in one big flow to Stropnicko, when she took away his mistress, high salary, age and unsettled relationships.

I noted that Mr. Ilkov supported Mr. Neruda, but I did not see the video. I haven’t felt these since the time of the videos with Veronika, because one never knows what will be in them, concluded.

How long did Matj Stropnick say in the interview? And what do you think about the criticism from the newspaper Jiho X. Doleal that he is a red baron from the castle? You can drop the whole conversation.

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