Mašková has undergone an incredible transformation: But my weight still fluctuates, the SuperStar winner admitted

The singer Tereza Mašková (26) was one of the stars from the premiere of the new fairy tale, and when looking at the slender SuperStar winner, one is amazed at what a tremendous transformation she has undergone. Formerly a plump girl who longed for singing and fame, she has transformed into a pink swan, shining and brimming with confidence. But the very hope of musical heaven admitted to Expres that she definitely doesn’t get it for free. What does he do for all this?

There was a time when the singer Tereza Maškova she was shy, mainly because of her more corpulent figure. Even so, she finally signed up for Czech Slovakia has talent, where Lucie Bílá fanned her the most. But despite her perfect singing, she was not placed in the end.

And Tereza took it to heart that she had to do something about herself. Not only with singing, but above all because of the image, which could have played a role in the fact that she did not succeed in the talent competition. She was very bland.

After a few years, an already self-confident girl with pink hair, who had shed a lot of extra kilos, entered the casting for SuperStar, and she looked incredible.

“Participating in Talent gave me tremendous experience for the future,” Tereza spoke at the premiere of the fairy tale The Cursed Princess in Time 2, for which she sang the opening song.

Tereza took her partner, who is also her manager, to the premiere.

He admits that he doesn’t get anything for free. She has to take care of her figure all the time, she can’t eat what she wants, and now she’s added sports to keep the extra pounds from coming back.

“I tend to gain weight, but I try to watch my diet. I started to exercise a little more. I’m trying to maintain it, but my weight keeps fluctuating. I like to eat, I like food, then I have to make up for it with the sport,” Teresa added.

Why does she think she just didn’t fit in SuperStar? Check it out in our video interview.

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