Martina Formanov put on a swimsuit and the fans were surprised: Pozková also got her figure!

Not long ago, she disarmed her fans by looking at her inflated cleavage in sexy heels, now Martina Formanov (56) almost broke Instagram when she posed in a swimsuit at the pool. The widow of the legendary explorer Milo Forman (86) makes no secret of the fact that she has lost a lot of weight in the last month and is now feeling great. Dina in the gym and outside the diet is bearing fruit! Famous model Pavlna Pozkov (57) also praised Martin’s thin figure!

Writer and widow of filmmaker Milo Forman Martina Formanov she started working on social media in her fifties. She especially liked Instagram, where she flaunts her slim figure.

Not long ago, when she posted a photo in tight shoes that revealed her advantages, actress Eva Holubov even asked for advice on how to achieve such a figure in the comments.

day pizza, vegetables, fries. I practiced under, it’s not done, wrote Formanov, who had been following a dairy diet since her arrest.

It was worth it for a few days and a break. Martina Formanov now boasted a photo on her profile in a swimsuit by the pool at the wellness hotel in Luhaovick.

Even the dog’s melancholic appearance can be seen in Luhaovic’s splendours, Formanov wrote to the picture. Friends, fans and followers didn’t wait again.

Wow! If this was advertising on billboards in Luhaovice, there would be a lot of traffic accidents, stand, for example, in the comments under the picture.

Martina Formanov’s super figure was appreciated by her friend and well-known model Pavlna Pozkov.

Melancholic? No get out hot wrote Pozkov, who then wrote fire emoticons. You know that the widow of the most famous Czech filmmaker is one hell of a piece!

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