Mart Kubiov, don’t avoid health problems. She took her love for dogs to health

esk pveck legend Marta Kubiov appeared on the corner of the Gump calendar for 2023, his is the main TV. I know the personalities in it play with the dogs from Tulk and the money goes to charity, I know the dog lovers couldn’t be missing in the project. In the photos, of which there are even two in my calendar, she looks like a queen with a crown on her head.

But the photo shoot itself did not go smoothly. In an interview, she recently admitted to the editorial office of Expres that the pictures had chosen a cruel day, and she took it to her health. The photo was taken on Easter and the weather was not ideal, there was a strong wind.

It took about two hours to take pictures. I’m going to be safe and sound here, but because of this I spent the whole of Easter, she told Expresa Kubiov.

These are not the only health problems, with which Zveka has faced this year. A month before her important anniversary, she scared her fans because she died in the hospital. She had to undergo an operation because she suffered a vein perforation, which even President Vclav Havel suffered at one time.

At the time when he was living in Na Homolce Hospital, his colleague Vclav Neck was also transported there, with whom he sang in the Golden Kids trio. Since he could not move the fingers of one hand, not long after that he underwent one of the scheduled operations.

Marta Kubiov immediately surrounded herself with dogs.

Even Kubiov didn’t enjoy her birthday in peace. After her jubilee concert, she took home all the bouquets she received and decided to put them in the bathroom, where she subsequently fell.

I wanted to put them in the shower and the flowers were singing to me, they were bulging, revealed Kubiov.

Although he was injured only a few days ago, he was not out and Kubiov is back in full health. To celebrate the 80th birthday with her family, however, she had only been celebrating work. Watch our video for the whole interview, in which he also tells you what he has left at home.

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