Marie Poledňáková (†81) died: The comedy author’s health was troubled, she had not been out for the last two years

The Czech film community has to deal with a great loss, the director of several iconic comedies, Marie Poledňáková, died at the age of eighty-one. She was troubled by health problems, suffered a stroke, and dealt with its consequences for many years. In recent years, due to the paralysis of her body, she practically did not leave the house.

Already at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s, Poledňák managed to make an indelible mark in the history of Czech cinematography.

That’s when she discovered the legendary child actor Tomáš Holé, who excelled in her comedies How to Pull a Chair Out of a Whale or How to Get Daddy to a Reformatory. The cult film S te me funni svet was then labeled the “comedy of the century”.

Marie Poledňáková with Oldřich Kaiser

But Poledňáková continued to shine, Czechs liked her comedies Líbáš jako bůh and Líbáš kao dábel, for example, and many others.

In recent years, however, the popular director and screenwriter has been plagued by health problems. They were started by a stroke in 2016, after which she was taken to the hospital by helicopter. She was never able to fully recover.

Two years later, her Christmas comedy was released The one who loved you. But the director Jan Pachl had to do the whole thing. Poledňáková was partially paralyzed and her condition was only getting worse.

“Since Mrs. Poledňáková collapsed, we have only seen her a few times. And not at all for the last two years,” she revealed in 2020 to the newspaper Aha! a resident of Nebušice, where the director lived.

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