Madonna shocked fans with exposed breasts. Is this still normal? they ask

Pop icon Madonna (64) shocked again, but if in a good way, many fans do not agree. Some applaud the singer for the courage to take off her clothes at this age, others, and there are more of them, wonder if their idol has definitely gone crazy. What do you think?

The icon of the 80s and 90s, already loved by almost every man on the planet, is no longer the provocative and provocative blonde like Marilyn Monroe, although she probably wishes she was. At any cost, he wants to shock, expose himself, even if people don’t crave it as much as in the past. It seems rather cheap.

Madonna of course, she is inherently one of the hottest sex symbols, but with her weird and rather cheap photos on social networks, she undermines what she has achieved so far.

Hand on heart, more than singing, Madonna was able to impress with her body, by not being afraid to use her sexuality. But as they say, at best one should stop. This obviously does not apply to the pop diva.

Now she has gone so far as to show her fans her breasts in full beauty in a photo so retouched that you wouldn’t even recognize Madonna there. This is why she is known to edit her pictures a lot.

Madonna shocked with a new photo.

Does it need it? Maybe it would take a little judgment and then the fans wouldn’t ask if their star shouldn’t be treated. Although they say that age is just a number, with age should also come self-reflection. Unfortunately, according to the people who admired her, Madonna lacks that.

At the same time, she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore, she enjoyed tremendous success, why are there still such plays? I guess we still have a lot to look forward to…

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