Madonna scared Krainová and Gondková: What about revealing breasts and lips?

Even if you don’t always have to agree with Simona Krainová (49), a lot of people are judicious and willing to give a thumbs-up to the words she uttered in response to the recent photos of Madonna (64). Where has the beautiful and iconic queen of pop gone, asks the girl, who was quite frightened by the new look of the world singer. She wonders why she went down this path in the first place, and after that, there are those who question her. Adela Gondková (49) was shocked by the current image of American artists.

Right after the morning, I was startled when this vc jumped on me. I can’t make fun of anyone at all, it’s sad. Very sad. That like vn? For God’s sake? Who and for him said that this is the right way? she freaked out Simona Krainov in connection with current images Madonna.

Where did the beautiful and iconic queen of pop go? Where is her charm? Could this be a role model for the new generation? For young women? For your daughters? Well, I’m a little relieved now that I don’t have gout, Krska added.

Because when I see the terribly cool new trends, I get a little goosebumps. Looking like a paw and acting like one is the coolest for you Krainov lamented.

I overheard an awkward conversation between about five tincilette cats at the next table in the restaurant. I guess I got lost in hell too. And what? I don’t even want to touch it, touch it, see it, or hear it. Sorry, but my world in the nineties was much better, wasn’t it she evaluated.

This is a filter, be Madonna every day, let’s not lose it.

He was much more free from this bizarreness and provocation by presenting himself online and asking the world for help. It’s about help, which doesn’t come anyway, because they’re just having fun with it. I’d rather go outside, maybe I won’t meet anyone who looks like that. And when is Halloween, huh? added Krska, with her words a lot of people are judging. Among them there were also famous personalities.

The girl must be a bit too hot, isn’t she? Adla Gondkov, for example, was surprised.

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