Lyubov Uspenskaya told what national unity means to her

On the eve of National Unity Day, Lyubov Uspenskaya explained what condition is necessary for the citizens of Russia to really feel like a single whole.

In an interview Elena Sever Lyubov Uspenskaya admitted that the most important thing is for everyone to believe in a better future for themselves and for those around them.

“Believe in a good future, love, not make mistakes, learn not to be jealous, not to envy. Learn to be patient and trust that everything will be fine. Believe that there will be peace on earth. Not only here, but all over the world, the singer explained.

The performer notes that believing in a bright future and creating it is the primary task of every person, because it depends on the current generations what the future generations will get.

“We have a good legacy. And what will our children have to do, what should they believe in? That is why we must educate, teach and understand our children, our children’s friends, all our relatives with our efforts, a lot of enormous work. Not only to educate at school, but at home. Home is the most important thing, Lyubov Uspenskaya is sure.

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