Lyubov Uspenskaya: “I’m not the kind of mother who wants to promote her child. I’m absolutely sure of Tanya!”

Lyubov Uspenskaya was the producer of the musical project PACHA TATI – this stage name was chosen by her daughter, Tatyana Plaksina.

At the White Nights of St. Petersburg festival, Tatiana Plaksina made her stage debut with her mother, Lyubov Uspenskaya. The audience warmly received the aspiring singer, noting her original vocals. A few months later, Uspenskaya presented a new musical project – PACHA TATI. This stage name Tatyana chose not by chance:

“Tanya traveled a lot in Latin America, communicated with the Mayan tribes, everyone there called her “Tati”. And PACHA is a planet, so everything is not simple, with meaning. And I am a PACHA-mother, ”Uspenskaya said in an interview with Elena Sever.

Lyubov Uspenskaya and PACHA TATI, photo “Modern Health”

At the same time, the singer added that she does not consider Tanya on stage as her daughter. In these respects, she is a demanding producer.

“I never do anything that I can be ashamed of. I am 100% sure about Tanya. I don’t think that she will go on stage and someone will say – oh, this is Assumption’s daughter. No. I want people to look at her and not think about me. Tanya is not my mother’s daughter, ”the singer said frankly.

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