Lyubov Uspenskaya and Pacha Tati: “When you have experienced misfortune, then you truly understand what happiness is”

The world-famous queen of chanson, show diva Lyubov Uspenskaya and her daughter Tatyana Plaksina, who recently began a solo career under the pseudonym Pacha Tati, spoke about themselves and their new creative projects in a big interview.

The relationship between Lyubov and Tatyana was tense for many years, but they managed to pass all the tests. Mom and daughter were able to forgive each other after a long quarrel. Now their love gives inexhaustible strength to work together. During our conversation, it became clear how their roles line up in the project to promote Tatyana, where they draw inspiration from and what goals they set for the future.

Lyubov Uspenskaya

Tatyana is an amazing girl, smart and feminine. Her thoughts and attitude towards music literally envelop with warmth: “For me, music is love, it is what fills, inspires, makes life brighter,” Tanya says. “And I want people, having heard my songs, to look at the world through the eyes of this music.”

“Modern Health”

Lyubov told how she manages to fall in love with different generations of listeners and remain in their hearts, what kind of support she always provided to young talented performers and why she became her daughter’s producer.

In the video interview you will find an exclusive – a live performance of a new song by Pacha Tati. The timbre of her voice will not leave anyone indifferent!

Happy viewing!

Lyubov Uspenskaya and Pacha Tati

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