Lovkyn Ma exclusive for JPM: When I have someone, I’m a bitch! I don’t have a boyfriend, try to impress me

We have a great start for all of you, members of, who belong to the first group. We started collaborating with the photographer Filip Matuinskiwhich Mu Fialova took a picture. And just like that, our favorite sexy huntress wasn’t there when she was dressed.

We were taken to a hermitage town not far from Litomice, the visitor Piky Kofrov scooped it up and poured it, she went downstairs and went upstairs. In addition, she told us a lot about her private life, her hunting career or you about what the guys on OnlyFans want.


Mo, many people know you, but can I introduce myself?

Vtina is probably known to people as the evil huntress who kills the rest for freedom. However, I would characterize myself as a hunter who has been dedicated to conservation and generally speaking about African reserves for many years. Besides, I’m such a normal girl. Actually sleep abnormal! I’ve always loved sports, I used to do kickboxing for a long time, and those who follow me know that I’ve recently taken up precise bodybuilding.


It is true that you are mainly known as a huntress. How did you actually get there?

I grew up with my aunt, and hunting was completely natural and normal for us, like when people go to the feed store to buy meat from the slaughterhouse, where they are called tran. We used to go to the forest, on the one hand we took care of the animals, and so we took food from the forest to our table, which I still think is the best way to get the healthiest meat for the environment and the environment. And we will talk about the death of fat or nuts. I also got to America and there I saw how famous hunters are, that they are celebrities and have their own agendas. I was really thinking that I want to be something similar in the European version.


Look like a girl who doesn’t have much of a relationship with him, how much do you strengthen all those weapons. How are you in private?

You’d have to ask someone who has dealt with me privately. Look, I’m probably not a full standard hunter, definitely not, but I think that’s mainly about who I’m with in private. If someone is nice to me, I’ll be nice to them too. If someone doesn’t treat me well, I’m a bitch. Bad for people. I try to surround myself with a circle of bees that I know for a long time. And if I were to describe myself? I’m probably the kind of person who first has to explain to others, not lead them somewhere!


How do guys react to you when you go somewhere? Do you often think that someone will come and invite you somewhere? And what’s up with them?

Well, that’s how ever. When I want to go somewhere with someone who doesn’t know me, I don’t even like to brag about it these days. Because when she goes on a date with a guy and she blurts out to him that hunting is invited in Africa, there are parks and black reserves, and she can fly with an ultralight or a table for a kilometer in her free time, the boy will be discouraged. I think I have a strange feeling. Damn, I’m a perfectly normal girl! So the boys tend to behave and make a fool out of themselves. I take it with humor. If you are afraid, I will not take you to the forest, and if you have a crush on me, you will have some fun with me when I feel like it.


Do you have someone or are you single?

I’m single, but I can’t date anyone. Pijmm only unusual offers, I also want to have fun.

You know the dark too, em OnlyFans. How did you get there?

OnlyFans is awesome! I was always an exhibitionist and I was always happy to share half-naked or various titillating photos, I enjoyed it. Then my friends, the saviors from the Octagon, were drinking behind me, and they said to me: Why did he eat for free? On OnlyFans, there will be a pension from this! I didn’t like that, I thought that the internet is full of half-naked women, what about half-naked, it’s always full of free porn, who will pay me for some photos? It’s just that I have a large fanbase, about half a million on all my blogs together, so there are people who probably enjoy it and are interested and are willing to pay for it.


How do you do business like that? Do you have time to dig in?

I definitely don’t. It could be vc, but it could also be m. As long as I use part of that money to buy vests for the reservation’s protectors or to sponsor hunts, that’s great. I don’t have a word to say, I’m responsible for it and I’m sure I didn’t give it a second thought!

Do you think that someone out there wants something unusual for you?

Sure, the guys over there want a heat sink. I have you there, which always tipped me in the field, plus a photo of someone you invite like: And what would you make of it? Then there are the standards, you fields, photos of feet and so on. But it’s such a classic.



You were also in Playboy, how did you like being photographed? Is it something you would like to pursue in the future?

I was in Playboy and Maxim, I took pictures of all of them, I had a lot of fun. I’m a bitch. But I also realize that I’m an old excavator, so it’s not a question of what I’d like to do, but if someone here is willing to take a look at me.

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