Lovers on the retreat! Vémol’s other ex is trying to reconcile with Lela, Karlos is threatening a lawsuit

It’s no secret that Karlos Vémola he loves the company of beautiful women. During the time he was with Lela Ceterová, he was accused of infidelity several times. Most recently, his alleged affair with a young porn actress was discussed Hana Dzurbanovawho calls herself Rika Fane and also tried to establish herself as a singer in SuperStar.

The young beauty claims that she dated Vémola for several months and they were together abroad. At the beginning of the whole affair, Hanka gave the impression that she was not afraid of Vémoly or his Lely and wanted to enjoy her five minutes of fame at all costs.

“Lela was mean to me, but I was also mean to her, I won’t let myself be humiliated, she didn’t do it with me. I will embarrass her even more,” promised the editor of Expres Džurbanová at the end of October, who then shared evidence of her relationship with Vémola on Instagram.

Vémola first asked his alleged lover to stop complicating the situation even more. In the backrooms of Prague, there was even talk of the fact that Karlos, through his acquaintances, had banned Hance from going to some establishments.

But the well-known wrestler later understood that a much more drastic step had to be taken. In a recent interview for, he said that he is solving the whole matter through legal means and filed a criminal complaint against Džurbanová.

“We filed a criminal complaint, the lawyer will comment on everything. That Miss Hanka, or whatever you said her name was, will keep the fun going.” said the dreaded wounder.

Rika Fane got scared and reverses

Shortly after, Hanka aka Rika Fane completely changed tactics. She stopped attacking Vémola and indicated that she would like to apologize to his wife Lele.

“I would like to apologize to Lela, but I will do it when Karlos deletes the video where he was nasty to me,” said Džurbanová to the aforementioned server, who now claims that Lela is actually a good woman.

It almost looks like Rika Fane Vémoly got scared. “She got scared and now she’s trying to backtrack,” claims the Expres source.

Hana Džurbanová changes her tactics slightly. Was she scared of the impending criminal complaint?

Karlos threatens to go to court, with Lela he is trying to reconcile with Vémol’s other ex

But Hanka’s change of tactics and Lela’s “semi-apology” are obviously not enough for Karlos. Through his lawyer, he sent a statement to the media in which he indicated that he intends to defend himself against the attacks on social networks through legal means.

“The articles and attacks on social networks are driven by an effort to destroy my client socially, professionally and, above all, as a person. The client is not going to put up with the fact that he should become a victim of a disgusting campaign of dubious internet existences, which are aimed not only at the client, but at his family, friends and colleagues. The client considers the published information to be a conspiracy and construction full of untruths, lies and fabrications, with which certain persons not only want to make themselves visible, but also intentionally harm the client.” stands in the statement.

Interestingly, Rika Fane is not Vémol’s only lover on the retreat. On the weekend, she was also joined by sexy playmate Denise Ayverdi, who was a couple with Karlos before the wrestler got together with Lela Ceterová.

But there was speculation that Karlos maintained more than just friendly relations with Denise even after the breakup. The year before, he was supposed to spend a holiday in Saint-Tropez with her and mutual friend Adéla.

Lela was then obviously jealous and commented on one of Karlos’ pictures with the words: “And the two whores who flew with you, are they taking pictures of you? Why don’t you take a picture with them? Don’t play it on Instagram as a family. A lot of people know you’re not exactly an angel, and I’ve run out of patience!”

At the time, Denise made fun of the whole affair, declaring herself to be “a troublemaker who is looking for another scumbag”. But now the alluring beauty suddenly reports that she and Lela buried the hatchet when they met at a combat sports gala in Prague.

“Our one life match is over. Lela and I, we met here together, we said it to each other, and I’m honestly glad for that.” Denise wrote on Instagram in stories.

Denise Ayverdi

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