Lolita: decided on something that she had never done before

The singer with her administrator went to a concert in the city of Zhukovsky near Moscow by public transport.

Lolita admitted that by car the road would take her 2.5 hours, and by train – only 37 minutes, it turned out to be much faster and more convenient. Only you can’t smoke – it’s a pity, the artist noted.

“I don’t play in life in proximity to the viewer. It’s just my way of life, if something can be done pleasant for the spine, I’ll do it.⁣⁣ Today I won almost 2 hours of time on the way to a concert in the Moscow region. I redid a lot of things while I was driving: according to the release of Marlene, according to the advertising of the tour in Siberia and the Urals. Lolita shared her impressions of the trip by train.

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