Linda Rybov doesn’t live in luxury: Five people live in one bathroom

It’s one of our most popular actors’ films, and their faces have fallen on us. One would think that someone we can marry every day on TV screens must have your perfect beauty. But the truth is much harsher and easier to play. You may be surprised at the conditions under which the celebrity goes with these essentially adult children! Nice apartment near the Vltava river Linda Rybov and David Pracha share in 2016 for less than eight million and finance it with a mortgage.

Let’s go to Nplavka, Grbovka park, Vyehrad, Linda praises the great address in an interview for Nae Praha magazine. Yes, if it is about a hundred-meter apartment, then its layout is one thing. According to him, the apartment is like a 4+kk, so the family is very close to each other. The biggest problem is the only bathroom, where five people have to relieve themselves after a morning.

Five people live in one bathroom

When I go to the airport, I get up at half past five to catch a bath. It’s not a family trip. It’s good, eh, calm down… When it’s later, let’s all go in at once and we have to spread it out so that we can all get to the bathroom, the actress revealed in an interview for the magazine Mj svt how things are going at home. Daughters Rozrka (19), Pepina (17) and son Frantiek (14) are all at the age where they have to spend a lot of time fixing their exterior, because they want to kiss each other, so there is a big battle for the bathroom. And since Linda likes to start a new day with a ritual bath, or it’s the only moment when I have peace and time just for myself, don’t forget to take a drink.

I can’t do without a hot tub. Every morning I spend about an hour in the bath, I eat there, I knead and only then I dare to go out into the normal world, reveals. At first, Linda and David lived in Prague as a married couple. Since 2006, they have been going with their children to their beloved cottage near Slap, which they bought at the time for 600,000 crowns. After only ten years, they moved back to Prague. We drove 35 kilometers there and back four times a day, and that was too much, the actor explains that it was unbearable to ride bikes with the children and combine their activities with the age of the mother.

There is no end to the repairs on the barque

We used to live in a 10-meter apartment in Nuslch na kiovatka. I was waiting for a second dt and I wanted to move, remember the actor, because they decided to buy the ruin of the old mill. There was a lot of debris, the bottom of the floor, nothing, he describes that he had to repair the house from scratch, which cost several million. Even after years, they are not done with their rights. Dm toti stand in the floating area, which has been avenged on them twice. It’s a terrible feeling when something that a person has built up for so many years disappears. And even when you pick up the words and build it again, the same thing can happen again and probably will, sad Linda, his big dream is your forever. It is possible to return to the cottage, and there will be children, hard determined

However, as it seems, the way back is still in sight. Both actors are hardworking. In addition to regularly seeing Linda in the Ulice series, she plays with her husband in their Verze theater company and in the National Theater and also appears together in a new series. David has about 15 introductions to the mass and he is interested in that. Besides, all those children are still studying, and at their age they will probably want to leave the city center, where they have friends, culture and leisure, back to solitude. The eldest daughter is studying film and television production. The middle daughter is studying dance at the Duncan Conservatory. My son is in nine and getting ready for talent auditions for the conservatory. the mother is proud of the fact that the daughters have also written their own theater play Vina vna, which premieres at their Verze theater at the end of January.

When it comes to cars, cosmetics and clothes, Linda and David have never been up to it. I don’t have time for it and I don’t even care to the actor with tm, e much prefers va. David, on the other hand, likes to stay in the palm of his hand: I will call the rd from deva. This is probably not how you imagined the life of a famous person, if it is not true? It’s not a yellow day, all the less, but suddenly Rybov and Prachae wrote.

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