Limberský wanted to troll Sparta players. Bitch, sweep your doorstep, fans say

Football Sparta on Saturday they beat Viktoria Plzeň 1:0 with a goal by captain David Pavelka. Photos from the Spartan locker room then appeared on social networks.

The wards of coach Brian Priske celebrated mightily here and forgot to clean up after themselves. All kinds of trash, mostly paper pizza boxes, were lying on the ground.

This is how the Spartan dressing room turned out after the match in Pilsen. Coach Priske’s wards left a nice mess here.

The former Pilsen defender wanted to make fun of this “incident”. David Limberskywho posted a video on his Instagram profile complete with a Forrest Gump jingle.

In the recording, Limberský happily finishes his pizza and then throws the box into the trash can.

“I sometimes behave like a beast, but unlike some, I can clean up after myself,” says Limberský on the video, who is no Mirek Dušín.

This is how the Spartan dressing room turned out after the match in Pilsen. Coach Priske’s wards left a nice mess here.

Did you also clean up the wrecked Bentley? What about your sick friend?

It didn’t take long for Limba to receive ridicule and harsh criticism from football fans. Many blamed him for his previous misfortunes, for example an accident several years ago when he ran from the police.

“Did you clean up the wrecked Bentley after yourself, too?” a certain Jakub asks Limberský.

Some “Limbos” also recall the recent case of alleged extortion. “Perhaps the Spartans would understand better with a gun to their head as you are wont to do.” says fan Tomáš.

“Clean up your front door you bastard and then make a comment” writes another debater.

Of course, there were those who explained to Limberský that the main theme of the match between Pilsen and Sparta was an insidious foul by the home striker Tomáš Choré. He deliberately “headed” the Spartan stopper Sørensen. According to Limberský, however, the mess in the dressing room is obviously a bigger problem.

Tomáš Chorý hit the Spartan stopper in the forehead with his head. He did not receive a red card, even though the intervention was examined in detail by the video referee.

“Are you really dealing with those few boxes and cups? Or are you just distracting from your sick friend and his attempt to maim an opponent?” another fan asks Limberský.

The famous sígr does not respond to criticism. Regarding the above-described intervention of Tomáš Choré, the editorial office of Expres asked for the statement of the former national team striker Martin Fenin. He is of the opinion that there was no brutality and the Pilsen shooter does not deserve a red card or additional punishment.

“Don’t get mad at me, but this is by no means a red card. I don’t want football to be wrestling or rugby, but that’s what fights like that are. He just got out of the way. It wasn’t much intensity, he didn’t hurt him and couldn’t hurt him. It was like a caress from a child. If he had broken his nose in the interrupted play, that’s clear, but they were both in motion. For me, VAR is not supposed to solve this at all. After all, the other athletes must already be laughing at us,” Fenin told Expres, who feels that footballers have really “softened up” in recent years.

“When I was sixteen and starting in the league, I kept getting punched in the ribs. I was young, it was a war for me. But I, in return, stepped on my opponents’ feet. It belongs to it. The Sick One just bends a little and they immediately act like he broke his nose. But the stupid VAR pressure is to blame for all of this, everyone is commenting on it now, even if they don’t understand it. But I wonder how the old school players comment on it.” the former great talent of Czech football shakes his head.

Read the entire interview with Martin Fenin HERE.

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