Let’s build a new Ukraine, promised Fiala and his ministers from the fortified Kiev

We are in Kyiv, which was still under Russian rocket fire this morning. even we are dealing with Ukrainian bees. I know that there will be concrete consequences. Ukrainians, fight not only for your country, but for the whole of Europe. Our support must endure, hls from the Ukrainian metropolis Peter Fiala.

In Kyiv, Putin provided a spectacle in the form of another rocket stream to the capital. To paraphrase Dany Drbov’s regular phlegm, I announce that the determination of the entire free world to defeat the aggressor has become normal. And we will discuss this with the Ukrainian government, Interior Minister Vt Rakuan reported from Kyiv on his Twitter account.

The selected ministers, including Zbynk Stanjura, Jana ernochov and Martin Kupka, did not travel to Ukraine empty-handed. They took with them a list of 102 Czech companies, which the boards would submit to the restoration of the large-scale infrastructure project.

Assuming that, taking into account the damage to the Ukrainian infrastructure, it will amount to billions of crowns, which may reach two hundred Minister of Transport Martin Kupka declared for Blesk.

It will depend on the situation. The goal is to help bring the conflict to an end. And that’s to make it safe for ESK workers, he added. He did not rule it out, but that some companies could be involved as well as two.

Petr Fiala set off together with other leaders of the government to Ukraine, they spent their journey in fortified Kyiv.

Russian aggression, which ni Ukraine, the story is not over. therefore, it is not known who will be responsible for the restoration of the land. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Myhal announced not long ago at a conference in Lugano that the current amount is approximately 750 billion dollars, i.e. 17.8 trillion crowns!

Czech Republic released 13.9 billion in waves of refugees by the end of the year, and the self-governments spent those billions by the end of the year. According to the Minister of Finance Zbyk Stanjura, the investment for the whole year will probably be more than the original estimate of 25 billion crowns.

Petr Fiala set off together with other leaders of the government to Ukraine, they spent their journey in fortified Kyiv.

Fial’s trip to Ukraine and promises to allow the land to be restored any day once again found the public in awe. The people accuse the Prime Minister of greedy politics and infidelity and add that when domestic companies are so eager to work, they could work hard at home as well, because there is not enough work even without a big conflict.

Kefty must agree with you, only then will it be necessary to carefully consider where exactly the investments in UA will go, because, hand on heart, UA is quite a corrupt country, warns one of the tribunes of the people, who, unlike the others, grasps how much complexity will arise in connection with the permitted renewal.

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