Leoš Mareš’s son celebrated his seventeenth birthday: He looks like Pavel Nedvěd, fans are amazed

Oldest son Leoš Mareš Jakub Mareš celebrated his seventeenth birthday in the company of his famous father. They had a meaty dinner together, and then the well-known presenter, as is his custom, shared a picture from the evening on social networks.

Underneath, he added a congratulatory message: “Thanks for dinner, and all the best, son.”

But the fans were absolutely blown away by how “little Cuba” grew up. At first glance, one would even say that Leoš is having dinner with his longtime friend Pavle Nedvěd.

“For the first moment, I thought you were sitting with Pavel Nedvěd,” was heard in more than one comment.

The resemblance to the vice president of Juventus thus became the number one topic and people began to argue about who Cuba is actually after. Leoš was always the idol of female fans, but his son surpassed him even more. While Leoš in his early days focused mainly on the cute face of a rascal, Jakub’s sharp features were born directly for the fashion catwalk.

However, Mareš’s son is involved in sports, specifically water skiing, and has already achieved considerable success. This September, he won a silver medal at the national championship. He was supposed to be inspired by his mother, Monika, who is involved in the sport herself. The son will probably follow in her footsteps, he is said not to be strongly attracted to moderation yet. At fifteen, he still wanted to be an influencer, so maybe he will eventually enter show business.

“Maybe I would enjoy being an influencer, but I don’t have specific plans. I probably wouldn’t make a living by moderating,” said Jakub for iDNES at fifteen.

Leoš Mareš boasted of his son Jakub.

Leoš Mareš and his ex-wife Monika have an even younger son, Matěj, who turned 13 this June. Considering how famous the boys have a father, one would expect them to live in luxury.

Although Jakub brags about photos with a private plane on Instagram, he probably won’t grow up to be a spoiled golden youth. He devotes himself carefully to sports, is goal-oriented, and his father makes sure that both boys speak Czech correctly. For his thirteenth birthday this year, Matej wished mainly for love while blowing out the candles on the cake.

Leoš Mareš’s daughter Alex, who the presenter has with his second wife, will celebrate her first birthday next year in March. Monika received luxury Cartier earrings for the birth. What will the celebration of their dream princess look like?

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