Lenertov’s secret ride of one man: Secrets with a dangerous father and a return to the screens

Nicol Lenertov secretly married billionaire William Sivek. She married him first after breaking up with sports manager Jaroslav Kalt, with whom she had been for seven long years. But Sivek is not the only one whom Lenertov kept secret from the world during her life.

She described her biological father as life threatening. She was never interested in him and considered her father to be Karel Tdrho, whom his mother had married when Nicol was riding a bicycle. For years, she called herself tdr. In the book Trochu jin interviews, Lenertov described that Karel’s daughters were not honey.

The youngest of them has become an unwilling vagabond. She had one of the worst experiences in her life and it is understandable that she could not cope with the new situation, said the moderator.

The relationship took a toll on my mother over the years. Then she married her current husband, with whom they have been together for fifty years. Nicol herself also aspired to similar relationship lengths, and she worked with her partner Jaroslav Kalt for almost two decades.

They never got married, she repeated that the fact that they are a family, don’t put a stamp on it, it’s just an excuse to break up because of pettiness, especially when there are children in the relationship. With Kalt, they have old Jaroslav (16) after his father and young Dominik (13).

Nicol Lenertov worked alongside Jaroslav Kalt for seventeen years.

Nicol withdrew from the television screens, even when she had a time, about which she did not want to let me know, she moderated the main news session with Karl Vok. She left things alone and went to study in the USA. After that, she engaged in work outside her field, currently working as a press secretary for disabled people.

A year ago, she was shaking her head at the screens for a little while. On New Year’s Eve, she surprised the girls with a comeback that was like a reminder of old times. But it was a unicorn’s return, since then she has not appeared on the screens again. She herself let herself be heard that she would not be on TV again after that. Not that she doesn’t like it, but according to her, people are sent to look at the young and the world.

The return to the television screen took place in the middle of 2021 and 2022. In the summer of 2021, Lenertov spoke in interviews about the fact that Kalt would be the first and last for her, she also admitted that they both have an Italian household. In November of last year, his now-husband Viliam Sivek took his employee for granted.

Nicol Lenertov and his rich new husband

At the end of the year, New Year’s Eve with Lenertová was broadcast, and this year she announced her wedding with the billionaire Sivek. The public had no idea about the breakup with Kalt, the same as the fact that Sivek divorced his wife in Rome last month, only to say yes to Lenertov a few moments later.

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