Lenertov and Sivek have known each other for 20 years. The party was to be held in a small circle and there were no children missing

Nicol Lenertov (47) married billionaire Viliam Sivek (76). No one knew about his breakup with his partner and father of their two sons, Jaroslav Kalt, with whom she spent seventeen long years. So far, neither party has agreed on what led to their breakup. However, Sivek was the moderator for the entire twenty years, and the party took place only in a small circle.

Nicol Lenertov she hired the general editor of the family business Sivek Hotels Viliam Sivek as her husband. They got married at the end of June in Selsk, the two of them in the circle of their closest friends, and the representative of the Apostolic Church took them away. According to the newspaper Rytmus ivota, there were only twenty-four guests, and the children of the bride and groom attended the wedding.

Before the wedding, Nicole broke up with sports manager Jaroslav Kalt, with whom she had been in a relationship for a long seventeen years. Together they have two sons, estnctileth Jaroslav and tinctileth Dominik. They never got married anyway, they didn’t need a stamp on the fact that they were a family.

The breakup happened without the public being aware of it. People recorded a wedding with Sivek. A close source indicated that Lenertov had long-term problems with Kalt and that jealousy played a role in the relationship.

According to the Rhythm of Life, on the other hand, they get along with each other in a completely bird-like way and have bad relationships with each other. According to the magazine, Sivek may have been divorced at several years of age, but the website reported that he should have married his employee last November.

Nicol Lenertov and his rich new husband

And how did Lenertov and Sivek meet?

Viliam and I have known each other for twenty years, we met on business. From the time I was at Nov, I know his son Michal, who played hockey. Back then we were such a group that were friends and we even went to hockey together, recalled the life of Lenertov for Rytmus.

Now she adopted Manel’s name and her full name is Nicol Sivek Lenertov. Current events are not introduced at the present time, but even as a press they talk about PWD. Even marrying a captured billionaire doesn’t change that. Sivek is not his first romantic partner, in the past she dated Jaromr Jgr.

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