Legendrn Baro and his sexy Tereza: End of great love? At first, I’m talking about a breakup

At the end of the year, Tereza Baro’s Instagram profile was full of pictures with her husband, a former representative Milan Baro.

Their friends and fans were overjoyed at how they got along even after all these years. They regularly went to events and cultural events together, for example this year in March to the Kalich Theatre.

In ervenc, the manel Baros had tinct years since their wedding. While last year Tereza posted a touching video of memories on social media with a romantic song by Bryan Adams, this time she didn’t even remember the big day.

Baroov took the last photo with the legendary Bary in April of this year, when she and her sons traveled to Liverpool, England. Milan spent the best years of his career there.

Since then, it’s as if the earth has collapsed after Baro on Terezin’s Instagram. The sexy blonde boasts a toned body and handsome sons on her profile.

The old man, Patrik, plays for Slavia Prague and according to him, he received so much talent from the football god that he will at least imitate his father one day.

Tereza Baroov is now bragging about her super figure and her adorable sons on Instagram.

But back to Mr. Baro. While Milan giants have benefit events with football clubs and go on television to comment on the day at the domestic football scene, Tereza takes pictures in studios and spends time with models.

Not long ago, for example, she went out with Aneta Vignerová, who is just after breaking up with screenwriter Petr Kolek.

It’s clear about Milan and Tereza: They broke up! There is no excuse for that

Unfortunately, Baro did not appear in the photo, which was taken at the recent birthday celebration of his young son Matteo. You are a coke! You won’t be alone for long one of Terezin’s fans commented on the photo.

Information that the relationship between Milan Baro and his Tereza was going through a crisis reached the editorial office of Expres a few weeks ago. Break it up an anonymous source told us.

Express then connected with a hunter who has known Tereza and Milan for a long time. The latter revealed to them under the guise of anonymity that they had to go to the Baros for more than one of the first relationship problems they had.

During the time they were together, they broke up and got back together several times. They are as rude as hell, the well-informed source of Expres said that this time it won’t turn out to be blind love.

We contacted both Tereza and Milan. The beautiful football player’s model, who is followed by tens of thousands of people on Instagram, did not respond to him at first. The legend of the Ostrava Bank did not pick up the phone and we did not even get a reply to the SMS at first.

How did Manel Baro’s outing go? Follow, we will bring it to the county soon.

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