Left Russia Ilya Prusikin from Little Big complained about the lack of money

A few months after his scandalous migration, the lead singer of a punk-pop-rave group reported problems with money.

According to Prusikin, now he is not able to provide financial assistance to his relatives, in particular to ex-wife Irina Smelaya (Tatarka) and their common son Dobrynya. The artist said that he was blamed for not sending material support.

“I myself don’t have any money right now, but I need to eat, I need to live somehow,” Ilya said.

The musician also noted that he plans to return to his homeland after 10-15 years, as he loves his country.

This summer, the incomplete team went to live in the USA. Together with Prusikin, his girlfriend Sophia Tayurskaya left the country, as well as one of the sound producers and the director of the clips.

Previously, Little Big planned to organize a tour of US cities, but tickets for performances could not be sold.

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