Lean Bartoška, ​​Stivínová with a peacock feather or the unmissable Krbová: Poets were absent from Somr’s funeral

Legendary actor Josef Somr he had his last farewell at the crematorium in Prague’s Strašnice, where family, colleagues and dozens of loyal fans came to say goodbye. The funeral hall was filled to capacity and the last applause lasted several minutes.

The younger generations of actors who played the famous bard were missing, such as David Matásek whose Pavel Kriz from comedies about Poets. The film students whom Somr raised did not come, and neither did the famous colleagues Jiřina Bohdalová and Iva Janžurová.

But who couldn’t be missing was Somra’s great friend Jiří Bartoška. He honored his friend with a prize from the Karlovy Vary festival for lifetime contribution.

“I came to say goodbye to Pepa with dignity. He had a great sense of humor and will be greatly missed.” said the acting bard.

Guests come to say goodbye to Josef Somre (†88) in Prague’s Strašnice: Jiří Bartoška also arrived.

He came alone without his wife and kept aloof. He caught everyone’s attention by the fact that he was significantly thinner, the suit no longer fit him due to the weight loss, he quite “swimmed” in it. But he did not lose his personal charm.

The actress was the next person to draw attention to herself Zuzana Stivínová. Instead of the flower she placed by the casket, she chose a peacock feather. She did not reveal why it was like that and she did not bring, for example, a rose.

Zuzana Stivínová saying goodbye to Josef Somre (†88) in Prague’s Strašnice

On the other hand, the actress Ljuba Krbová was more outgoing, she admired Josef Somro and he was a great teacher for her.

“I am extremely happy to have met him, not only as an actor, but also as a wonderful person,” said Ondřej Neff’s wife, who probably never gets old.

Ljuba Krbová saying goodbye to Josef Somre (†88) in Prague’s Strašnice

She looked better than ever, as if she had found the elixir of youth. Even though she was very sad, she was able to smile and dream when she remembered the theater actor.

The final farewell seemed very dignified, which fortunately was not spoiled even by “The Boy with the Stone”, who has recently become a professional crier at celebrity funerals. Perhaps he wanted some of that glory to fall on his shoulders as well, but unfortunately for him at the funeral of the legend, no one cared about this strange person.

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