Lady Dee won’t chase guys away after a breakup. A madman is threatening me with death, she told Express

Bval porn actress Lady Dee (25) has persistent male problems after breaking up with her Mexican boyfriend. Suitors keep coming, but the problem is that they have such a high ego that they can’t bear to be rejected. One of the fans in love even threatened the beautiful influencer with death, as Dee, whose real name is Drahomra Jzov, confirmed. Pbh vm pinme even confused. Besides, I’m going to call the police on you again, I’m determined not to let you talk as much as you want. And if gentlemanliness disappears, until the testimony of Drahomry himself.

Lady Dee e after the breakup he had problems with his wife. On Instagram, the young sexy mother showed herself in havch pzch. Fans made you sweat with photos of you naked without a bath, on them she also revealed a sexy tattoo on the walls. He just didn’t leave the post of bad guys or stalkers cold and gave a dubious existence. For him, I’m interested in things about a former porn actress, it’s not serious.

Lady Dee, whose real name is Drahomra Jzov, recently announced the breakup with her Mexian Omar, with whom she has a little daughter and thus her own production. Dee now devotes herself fully to her children and at the time she cut porn due to parenthood.

One of the first single moms wrote to him saying he wants to date. When the sun rejected him, he began to threaten him. Dee shared the conversation with the boy whose ego was hurt in her Instagram Stories.

She herself described the terrible experience of driving us.

I used to eat, but I don’t, I have a family and children and I don’t have time to just flirt with someone, especially when I don’t eat much more. I didn’t know how to respect him, so I politely but clearly refused him. The result? He texted me this sila with Dee Express.

Lady Dee is extremely beautiful, but suitors are good at it.

The influencer even threatened him with death, telling him not to do it. This naturally stresses out every woman, especially a mother with a child. That is why Drahomra is calling out to the police.

I was in the eye, I was quite watching how some guys behaved towards them, added Drahomra, saying that he was allowed not to let anyone else act like that first.

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