KTM X-Bow GT-XR: From the seductive tracks straight to the road

e KTM is not only devoted to motorcycles. The open X-Bow motorcycle has been in production since 2008, and while there are not many powerful cars in our country, you have surely seen the seductive version, both the open driver in the character game X-Bow Battle, and the closed one designed for the GT4 category.

The X-Bow model has undergone continuous development, but the composition is practically the same. Using a carbon monocoque with a weight of only 88 kg, developed in cooperation with Dallara. Soon, however, a novelty arrived, the GTX and GT2 model with an extended body and a long wheelbase and a fifth-generation 2.5 TFSI from Audi. So far, my model has used a two-liter engine with these characters.


The GTX and GT2 versions have only been presented in a seductive version for now, but that’s about it. The KTM X-Bow GT-XR road bike. Vz passed the European homologation for small-series cars and is completely legal. You get normal characters and you can drive it on the road. But it’s clear to Cadmus that there won’t be that many changes here compared to the seductive car he left.

The decisive structure is a very rigid carbon monocoque, the chassis concept and the fifth 2.5 TFSI engine. And what we could hear (and see) during the tests in Barcelona or Portimao, so with such a rumble, it’s better to put all the Porsche circuits in dr. The official engine has a power of 500 hp, a torque of 571 Nm and a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission (type DQ500) with rear-wheel drive. But the engine has a reserve for further tuning, the seductive version has even 600 hp. The powerful version accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, from 100 to 200 km/h in 6.9 seconds and accelerates to 280 km/h.


It will be easy to get in and out, because there are no classic doors or an electrically folding cover including the roof and windows, which is a bit reminiscent of the cockpit of a shack. Thanks to the large tank for 96 liters of fuel and the standard consumption of 9.1 liters per 100 km, there will probably not be a need to stop at the pump as much. Paradoxically, such a person facilitates performance in certain gaps. life with the car in normal operation is also improved by the electro-hydraulic system for lifting the front axle, which is useful for many thresholds and similar hazards. But it is for a fee. On the other hand, the standard is a fully adjustable chassis, so you can play with the characteristics of the tires and other details during the circuit.

For those who have a single circuit in mind, the option of paying for wheels with a central nut will certainly be interesting. According to the order, classic cast iron brakes can be left on the car, but ceramic brakes can also be ordered. Because it is a powerful car, the manufacturer did not forget about comfort elements such as air conditioning, Bluetooth and other essentials. You can pay for an interior rear view mirror, but as standard, the car has a camera mirror that projects the image inside like a seductive car. The cockpit is minimalistic and all information is displayed on the steering wheel.


Without idia, the car weighs 1130 kg, according to homologation (passenger, luggage and operational load) it weighs under 1250 kg. The basic price is set at 284,900 euros, and if you are interested, contact the Czech RTR Projects team, which is in charge of importing KTM to R.

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