Ksenia Sobchak called her birthday away from her family the strangest

On November 5, the journalist turned 41 years old. Ksenia Sobchak met this birthday from Russia and her loved ones. Even her husband Konstantin Bogomolov congratulated his wife through social networks.

As you know, the presenter recently left the country for an indefinite period, leaving for Europe through the Lithuanian border. At the same time, the celebrity’s spouse still lives and works in Moscow.

Thus, on November 5, when Ksenia Sobchak turned 41, the couple was apart. Nevertheless, Bogomolov congratulated his wife on a personal blog.

“So weak, but so strong. Tireless and sometimes terribly tired, brave, but at the same time a coward, my beloved Ksyu! Happy Birthday! Enemies will float by, troubles will dissipate, and you will always smile, laugh, misbehave, love and create, – Bogomolov turned to Sobchak.

Bogomolov and Sobchak, photo from the social network

At the same time, Ksenia herself published a post where she emotionally thanked those whom she never considered her friends, however, they supported the journalist at a difficult moment in her life, and, as it turned out, they also remember her kindness. Sobchak attached a photo selection to the post, where she is with Renata Litvinova, Zemfira, Fedor Bondarchuk and other celebrities, whom, apparently, she classifies as the same support group.

With Fedor Bondarchuk

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