Kristýna Schicková showed her abs a few days after giving birth. She has the figure of her dreams back quickly

Kristýna Schicková (28) showed off her postpartum figure. About a month after giving birth, she has her dream body back, it seems almost as if her flat stomach is back within a few hours of giving birth. The model also took pictures in her underwear, in which she showed off her toned abs. Even in the celebrity pond, they are among the exceptions. Many famous ladies have recently flaunted their figures, which even months after giving birth look like expectant mothers, but not Kristýna.

Lovely sister Patrick Schick Kristýna Schicková gave birth to her second son in October. He was named Liam. Kristýna also has an almost three-year-old son Elliot with her husband Lukáš Třešňák. But just a few days after giving birth, the mother of two shocked with otherworldly photos in her underwear.

And while some speculated that she did not shoot the campaign, even before she got round during her pregnancy, Kristýna proved that she has a figure like a pod. She recently “kicked out” photos on social networks in a sexy dress, in which she is proud of her absolutely top figure, only about a month after giving birth.

There is not a trace of a rounded tummy, Schick is completely flat, only her breasts have increased by several sizes due to motherhood. In addition, the photos in her underwear also show her distinct abs. The model is 180 centimeters tall and looked slim even in the photos fresh after giving birth, when she showed her baby for the first time.

But not all famous ladies are so lucky. However, they don’t hesitate to expose their bellies on Instagram and show their fans that reality is not always like the movie.

For example, unlike Schicková, Eva Burešová had a bulging belly two months after giving birth, when she joked on Instagram that she looked like she was six months pregnant. She definitely didn’t lose weight or belly in a few days.

Flat tummy after giving birth? Everyone has it differently.

She wasn’t the only one, Jitka Boho also showed her postpartum belly, who admitted that her journey will also be a long one.

Even Martina Pártlová or her colleague Veronika Arichteva do not worry about their tummy. Both gained a little weight after giving birth, but it didn’t diminish their charm at all, on the contrary!

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