Koukalov & Konen: Real threat that Andrej Babi will win. And it will especially be a punishment for him

For own Andrej Babi does he want to be president and will he enjoy it at all? The reason for this candidacy is quite clear. Elections, and it doesn’t matter how, he takes it as a sport. He needs to seduce, he needs to steal, he needs media and controversy, which he will always choose. He had fun with the darkness and his psyche too, the idea of ​​him sitting in the Chamber of Deputies for years is tolerable for some, Andrej Babi wants action and the closest is this election. The parliamentary parties are far away, and just sitting and waiting for the political parties to collapse on their own is an uncontrollable outcome.

His motivation is clear, he needs to fill the headlines and maintain contact with the public, he needs to travel among people and maintain his image as a leader. The day after the candidacy was announced, social media went crazy Czech Republic has not produced a stronger figure in the last ten years, which is a very sad fact, because the elections so far have been all about defeating Babie and letting him march you to Mars. The needs of the electorate and programs were completely forgotten and not even the politicians themselves were interested.

Of course, his entry into the presidential clan threatens his spouse, I don’t have an adequate rival, standing against him are some twitter figures who have designed themselves for rich fools who want their construct to win, and as a reward they will receive the warmth of the city, an advisor and an editor. The situation with Zeman and Draho is repeating itself, when the intellectual spectrum with a pension made a politically ignorant puppet full of some kind of idol, and the current government coalition was not able to convince anyone who wanted to go into it to not have Wikipedia and on their grave written: He defeated my grandmother. Apparently, they received information from one of the government parties that Milo Vystril’s final fight with Babia’s secretary was supposed to be a kind of litmus test, as is the case with Babia’s support, even when Milo Vystril won over Jana Nagyová. it completely dissuaded Vystril from further elections, and that is why the proposal that Vystril should be a candidate for the party coalition was rejected.

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