Kou, a boy from Moravia and a friend from the holidays: Who is new by Tni Kuchaov’s side?

As soon as the model Tana Kuchaov (34) revealed that she is not alone after seven months of divorce, speculation immediately arose as to who the chosen one is. The former queen of the throne has been wondering about the identity of the new partner, enjoy the women’s race in Asia, but there are adepts who could be the mysterious bird. Who is it about?

Model That Kuchaov she said, she’s not alone, and immediately an avalanche of questions started, who is the new astlivec? Miss World ml and travels around Asia, where she has uv by her side Lilia Khousnoutdinov. After her return, however, she doesn’t want solitude, she rushes into the man.

It is here for the adept. He is the first to offer himself, who has been appearing more and more often at Tina’s side lately.

It’s about the guy and trainer Luke Gondek, who started a weight loss program with the model, including advice on how to lose extra pounds. Don’t hesitate to take pictures together on Instagram and upload various videos. There’s just one catch, she’s a healthy lifestyle expert.

She spent a lot of time alongside Luke Gondek.

But her sparring partner is not the only one with whom Ondej Gregor Brzobohat’s girlfriend had fun. At five o’clock she spoke about a mysterious man from Moravia.

First prob casting! And I went to Moravia, wrote zadan Kuchaov, who actually spent time in the south of Moravia, but also went there for work.


Fortunately, there is a young man here with whom she spent her vacation in Finland, and on the flight they were caught by Blesk photographers.

My therapist recommended that I do things that I had never done before. So I flew to the north pl, Tana wrote on social media about an unusual destination, even though in reality it was about the area of ​​the northern arctic circle. And in order not to worry, she flew there with a handsome young man, but secretly spoke of him as a friend.

The model, in particular, is currently testing her new relationship, as she is due to divorce Brzobohat at least twice. Only then will she be fully prepared for a new relationship with the world, he revealed privately.

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