Klusov pulled out Psaovic’s thorn from her heel: In this case, literally

In an emergency, recognize the male or female male! Daniela Psaovicov (43), who was saved by Tamara Klusov (34) in a terrible situation, has her own opinion on this. During the festive evening, when she wanted everything to be perfect, the presenter was betrayed by the hosts. She has been suffering from them since the arrest, and prefers to go to bed full, so that she can complete the event in full and to the bitter end. If not for him, I don’t know how it would have turned out, recalled partner Ondej Brzobohatho (39).

Sweat what Daniela Psaovicov she greeted the guests in the church of St. Anne and the girls of Czech TV, who couldn’t stand the descent of the personality.

I can assure you that this year I did not underestimate the use of shoes and it should not turn out like last year, the presenter revealed, smiling.

With this, I would like to thank Tamae Klusov, who will be singing with her husband in a while. I always walked barefoot or in the boots she gave me, surprised Psaovicov.

Uble did not specify whether she was talking about the shoes that belonged to her, or only about the shoes that she managed to replace quickly.

Daniela Psaovicov at Alsa’s benefit concert in the Prask church kiovatka cel zila. And it wasn’t just thanks to atm.

In each case, she helped avert the threat of disaster in the form of disfigured feet that refused to be confused with those ill-chosen shoes.

Leton gave the benefit for Alsa at the moderator Thursday with ease and the Greeks held their own. Even when, who in, had you Tamara Klusov how to put the shoe back in the fold, what if it happens…

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