Kitten at the premiere: I’m here for a jump, then I’ll eat my son’s farts and necks

Actor Vojta Kotek (34) literally looked up in the role of father. When he started talking about his little Hubert, he literally fell into a dream, and his eyes widened. He doesn’t want to neglect anything and the order is fully devoted to everything except infants. What will happen with the baby?

Nice actor Vojta Kotek he jumped from the family for a while to the red carpet to introduce the new show The Princess Conjured in the Age, where he plays arodje. But by mistake he was still at home with his wife Radana and son Hubert.

When he got a question about how he took on his new role as a father, he couldn’t even find the words to express how excited he was about the little hunter. He immediately brightened up and you could tell how much he was in love with his son.

I’m embarrassed to talk about it as a father role, as if I should play it in a movie. It’s beautiful, I’m away. And thank you above them that my son was born healthy and gave us joy, the actor revealed to Express.

And how are you doing with the various responsibilities around the baby? Leave it to the partner, or does he get involved too?

The premiere of the episode The Princess Conjured in Ace 2

Vojta Kotek became a father! He and model Radana chose the name Hubert for their son.

I want to be involved as much as possible, as much as possible. I try to take that time, I wouldn’t normally do it. So even today I’m only here for the water, but then first I’ll be able to eat necks and farts, added Vojta with a laugh.

He wouldn’t be worried about the future of the family, but now he wants to take care of little Hubert, who is growing like water.

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