Kirkorov’s poster in Uzbekistan caused a sharp reaction from Nargiz

Criticizing Russia, the singer finally ceased to control herself.

As you know, Nargiz has long disagreed with the policy pursued by Moscow. On social networks, she quite often poured mud on her former “friends”, and after she was not allowed into Russia, she burst into even greater curses. Apparently, the artist completely forgot that thanks to Russia she became famous, earning a fortune.

After the entry ban, the singer realized that now you can not hold back at all. On her page on social networks, you can see the negative posts that she publishes with enviable regularity.

So, the other day even Philip Kirkorov got from Nargiz. The artist posted a video in which, using profanity, she sharply reacted to a poster of a Russian singer seen in Uzbekistan.

Kirkorov, it should be noted, did not get into his pocket for a word.

“Nargiz, to “fuck” even the vocal cords are not needed. And so that in the direction of the one before whom she fawned yesterday, she fawned and her conscience would not come in handy! ”, The king of the pop scene answered the singer.

Kirkorov’s social networks

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