Kirill Turichenko: in my songs I am exactly who I am

The artist told why all his songs are very personal.

Kirill Turichenko successfully combines concerts with the Ivanushki International group and solo work. The artist admitted that when he joined the group, he had to get used to the songs that Igor Sorin and Oleg Yakovlev performed before him.

“These songs were written before me, of course, I also experience them on stage, but I had to pass them through myself so that they would be mine. Both Igor and Oleg sang differently. I couldn’t copy them. Slowly, I began to perform them in my own way, ”Kirill told Russian TV Week. As for solo work, here the artist fully feels himself the way he is.

“Before Ivanushki, I sang solo, worked in musicals for a long time. Everything related to romantic stories is very close to me, ”he said.

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