Kazma reprimanded his ex: Why didn’t he go to the Kalousov concert, even though he was around the corner?

When his former love Andrea Kalousov (26) played her single, Kamil Bartoek (37) alias Kazma was missing among the guests. He didn’t even drink at his third concert at the Hard Rock Cafe. This time, however, he had a very good reason. At that time, he was at a benefit concert by Alsa, a coincidence a few hundred meters from the place where his ex-girlfriend sang.

Unfortunately we can’t drink, for work reasons, she apologized to her ex Kamil Bartok aka Kazmu Andrea Kalousov at the end of the year when she released her new single. He got along great with his ex, so there was no reason to think that the job was just a downward spiral.

He also had a very good reason on Tuesday evening, when he gave the girl a second leg. While she sang at the Hard Rock Cafe, the moderator, a hundred meters away, was promoting good things. For years, he cooperates with the Alsa organization, which helps patients with a chronic disease called ALS.

We helped victims of traffic accidents, first it was Tourette’s syndrome, and then we decided to help patients with ALS through an endowment fund, let Kazma slyet in 2020. After the program was broadcast, it was possible to collect more than six million crowns in less than ten days, the video has millions of views.

I am very happy with how much money was raised and how much effect it has. That is exactly what we wanted. We did not expect that the help from the people would be so great, rejoiced Kazma, who has been cooperating with the organization until now.

While Kamil Bartoek aka Kazma was at the Alsa benefit concert, his ex-girlfriend Andrea Kalousov was performing at the nearby Hard Rock Cafe.

That’s why he also had a big thanks to editor Alsa Eva Bezuchov, who was moved to tears several times during the concert in Prask kiovatka.

Kalousov must have understood that his old friend went to St. Anne’s Church first, and not to Hard Rock after him. Despite the fact that it will definitely work out for the aunt.

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