Karlos has to sell Vmoland, to which he dragged his lover. Get stiff fast with Lela!

In the past, it was worth taking Lela to Dubai, now there is speculation that the pardon for this scandal will be in the air. Karlos Vmola toti announced that they would fold into everything. The controversial MMA fighter took to Instagram to complain that he and Lela were not allowed to live in their luxurious apartment. Whether he will sell his Vmoland to Vmol or just divide the property into a new house is unknown at the moment.

Let’s take a look and choose what we like, revealed Vmola.

Who cares if Vmola’s dreams come true. Lela gave a dream and tried to calm down, first about the fact that he was cheating on her with the newly adult pornstar Hanka Durbanová, or if he really grabbed his nose and is trying to make a new start. A source close to the young porn actress revealed to Expres that Karlos was supposed to take her not only on a date abroad, but first to Vmoland. And what is a mountain, not a house where your children grow up?

A soft-spoken reminder of alcoholics who hope to move into a new apartment, start a new stage of life and never touch alcohol again. It is so possible that Vmola wants a new start with a new house.

And what will their new product look like?

Well, it will be something very big, for us children and guests, you dreamed of a beater. They will have to build such a house to order for him, not everyone has his own zoo with crocodiles, lions or a garden with a rattlesnake.

The fact that you don’t buy a ready-made house and have it displayed does not mean that it will take a long time. On the contrary, it seems that Vmol is in a hurry to build. Have the individual parts ready from the construction company and just put them together.

Rika Fane published a conversation with Karlos Vmola.

People in the comments immediately started making fun of Karlos, saying that he would give him a word and Cartiery Lela probably beat her head, but she does not despise the new home.

Don’t forget the build for Rika, they wrote dal

It needs something big. For the children, invited and all his girls, table in dalm from comments.

And Lela? She can stop on her own and go to the salon to lift her spirits. As soon as her nose healed, she began to pout her lips and fill in the lines on her forehead. In addition, she had her eyes lifted and got foxy eyes.

Karlos Lela scored a draw.

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