Kamu revealed a “fat” youth rich in calories and drugs. Sometimes you can see up to her neck

The most loyal fans will remember Kamu’s series in Vietnam, which Kamila Rundusová she filmed in cooperation with Czech Television and thanks to which she came to the attention of Czech viewers. There she already had her typical look, brown hair and a body full of tattoos.

Now the chef, influencer and lover of life has shown off photos from her teenage years. And the fans were not surprised! During that time, Kamu has changed several hair colors, she has also lost a lot of weight since her teenage years, but her curls have grown.

“I think we didn’t have enough of everything. Ermine salad and stardust. And also someone kept throwing something in my drink. Poor girl,” wrote a popular cook under a series of photos from her youth. What did she mean by stardust…

You can guess for yourself, Kamu does not hide the fact that he has numerous experiences with addictive substances. In addition to the more widespread ones, such as alcohol, nicotine or marijuana, she also used mushrooms or the psychotropic drink ayahuasca.

Would you recognize Kama’s cookbook?

Now Kamu is said to no longer smoke marijuana and also avoids alcohol and cigarettes. She did not mention stardust in any of the interviews, however, she participated in rituals during which the use of psychotropic substances is a part until recently in Costa Rica, where she now lives with her Rob.

We are not surprised, the conditions in which she lived are not for the faint of heart. For a while, she and her husband lived in a moldy shack, and with hot water or electricity, they could only dream like that.

Kamu used to be quite the rebel.

“Paper walls, no hot water and power cuts three times a day,” Kama described her life in a shack in the podcast Against the Stream, which at the same time costs fourteen thousand crowns a month.

Kamu also went through a period of veganism, perhaps this also led to her large weight loss. In addition, the influencer is engaged in surfing, during which she burns a lot of calories.

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