Kalousov on Kazm and Love Island: Looking for love in a reality show like Koendov? Never!

Krsna Andrea Kalousová (26) was not interested in modeling, so she threw herself into the flower market. She revealed to the Express at one of her concerts that she has already released a single and in the future her own album. The latest song will be called Co bude dl and will be about a painful breakup. Did Andrea recover from the collapse of her relationship with popular entertainer Kamil Bartok (37) aka Kazma?

WITH Andrea Kalousová we met in the crack club Hard Rock Cafe, where the model was staying and today she suddenly gave a concert for a good crowd. She thus supported the Pinktober campaign, which draws attention to the fight against breast cancer. At first glance, you can see on the beautiful Andrea that she really poured herself into the song.

It’s not like I completely neglected modeling. If there is an event that makes sense to me, I will be happy to attend. As I put it aside for a long time, I didn’t enjoy it that much and I’m glad that I reoriented myself to the music that I enjoy and floats. I’m glad I found myself in life Kalousov, who will soon release a new single, was happy with him.

The text of the song will be about a breakup. Not long ago, Kalousov broke up his relationship with Kazma.

But the song is not about breaking up with Kazma. We wrote the text two years ago and we expected to publish it. What about Kazma, we parted for good there said Expresu, a beautiful model and a singer in one.

It wasn’t long before they first heard that Kalousov was in love again. But that’s not true. J and in love? Except for the world coca, which mm for five years, Andrea, who doesn’t allow a pet in her house, is allowed.

Andrea Kalousov

Looking for the love of his life in a television show, as his colleague Natlie Koendov did, Kalousov would not do. However, she still loves watching Love Island.

It’s my guilty pleasure! But I wouldn’t think of going to the forest to look for a bird. Natlka (Koendová) and I met at a photo shoot. Cadmus has no other meaning. I would rather meet the love of my life somewhere else. I’m sorry said the sympathetic krska.

Andrea Kalousov

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