Just like Bohdalová, Jandová and the 1st mission, they burned down: Good news got a stop sign!

No need to lie to yourself, this TV show didn’t do very well. This is evidenced not only by the ratings on Č, where primal the novelty received only 24 percent. It is two percent more than the screenwriters’ previous venture, the 1st Mission series, which FTV broadcast a few years ago and ended definitively after 42 episodes.

They will eventually have the same number of episodes as well Good Newsin which they played for example Igor Chmela, Kristýna Frejová, Denisa Nesvačilová, Vladimír Polívka or Natálie Halouzková. It is much less than originally planned. This is mainly due to the low viewership, which is the alpha and omega for commercial television. For news from the television news environment, there are around half a million viewers. And that’s quite a bit, compared to the Zoo series, it’s not even half.

The fact that Good News did not catch on too well is also evidenced by the responses of viewers on social networks.

“God, that’s bullshit,” viewer Irma commented on the show’s Facebook page.

“I’m done, just like with Pálava,” asked Miroslav, who saw two pieces of news at once.

FTV Prima has already had time to comment on the alleged end of the series and, like in previous cases, did so in a very Solomonic way.

Natalia Halouzková (21)

“We are currently finishing up the current series of Good News. The stories of the main characters have a closed plot and for now we are not thinking about making a sequel.” said Josef Ducký, the spokesperson for the series, for

Good news will thus go into the television abyss of history and will certainly not meet fate Fire chickenfor which the creators could not write more and more parts.

On the contrary, they will be placed alongside the less successful ones. Should the creators throw ashes on their heads? Maybe. Anyway, they are not the first or the last. She also had to calm down from the (television) journey Jiřina Bohdalová and her show The mirror of your life or talk shows Marta. After 42 episodes, the already mentioned series from the military environment also ended 1st mission.

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