JPM girl of the week: Silicone Lulu from Vmola showed us in sexy clothes! What about that?

In cooperation with celebrity photographer Filip Matuinski, who also photographed for the men’s magazine Playboy, we will launch a brand new section for you all called JPM koka week.

Filip Matu

We chose a rather controversial name for the prison. For a photo shoot in a luxury furniture store Kare Design fitness trainer Zdeka ern, who commutes between Germany and the Czech Republic, arrived today, and we had the chance that she was in her native country.


I don’t know anything about that name. What about you, when do we get Lulu from Vmola? Better? Well sure.


Zdeka alias Lulu is one of the many silicone busties who have declared themselves lovers of the popular MMA champion in the past. To this day, the Romany beat him, but Lulu just laughs it off and now she has agreed to show him (and me) her great body in sexy clothes.


He wants to ride the chest and look for a sponsor

At the time when the relationship between Lulu and Karlos broke down, the blonde was a big hit. Now it’s better. While I was taking a photo with him, Lulu said, among other things, that she plans to go and have her chest enlarged. The main reason is the fact that she should then have more clients on her OnlyFans profile.

You mm 1000ml and I want twice as much. I’m looking for a sponsor, I don’t want to pay for it myself, said Lulu.


Take a look at the photos that Filip took for you in the gallery.

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