Jirka, two, these two don’t budge! Lagers, have a nice spicy vacation without children

The beautiful model shared these sexy photos in a bikini with an emphasis on her husband’s sex life. She wrote that she does not want families who take their children to the luxury resort Lux South Ari Atoll in the Maldives.

Those children here… Do I know that my husband and I are talking about the Maldives being such a beautiful, clean and breathtaking city that we should fly there with children? It is a difficult point of view for each of us, understandably. But those nas*anches, tired families, and at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there is a good one, wrote Lucie.

Zala ride according to Manela and Jiho snapped at each other, that they are not lucky, who can’t even sleep together at night, they have a lot of fun!

At one point, she addressed the husband with words that should have been taken to the table next to the poor mother, sitting next to the absent-minded husband, who had not quarreled with his wife in a while: My girl, if you didn’t bother about it, do I care about this? You could have sex here with your husband, read what’s new for the month, and kick off your sex life. Yeah, sit here, you son of a bitch. And the manel abyss keeps getting deeper and deeper, wrote Lucka.


And it is clear what she meant by that and how her words can be interpreted. It must be wild every night and day in the room at the camp.

Why not, the legendary hockey player and today’s function is a treasure at home, one of the most beautiful and attractive women in the Czech Republic. And how could he resist when, as Lucie revealed a few days ago, she was taking a bath get off naked without?

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