Jiří Korn’s sister was destroyed by drugs and alcohol. Yvetta looks like a homeless woman

The sister of singer Jiří Korn (73) caused quite an uproar. She went from a beautiful girl who drank and prophesied to a prematurely aged woman who looked like a homeless person at the screening of the new series Together. Yvetta (60) was so convincing that they even wanted to let her out of the hall. In the end, it turned out that it was part of her role, but unfortunately you would look for the pretty lady in her in vain.

Younger sister Jiří Korn Yvetta had a well-established career as a child, like her brother Jiří. She went from role to role and was a darling of the directors because of her pretty face and extroverted nature. But she couldn’t capitalize on this talent like her sibling.

She succumbed to dangerous seductions and began to drink heavily and take drugs, which was very much reflected in her face. Today she looks older than her brother and seems rather impoverished. The disorderly lifestyle took its toll on her and her emaciated figure.

Therefore, it is not surprising that when she arrived among the famous actors in worn-out clothes, with a bald head and a face so worn that people thought she was a homeless woman. Although it turned out in the end that it was part of her role in the series, unfortunately she gave a tired impression even after changing clothes.

The unorganized way of life took its toll on Yvette.

Yvetta had a great career as a child.

Fortunately, she is said to be “clean” and has put her life in order, or at least she is trying to, she probably won’t be able to restart her career. Although Tomáš Magnusek likes to cast her, just like in this TV act, but her beauty is gone and with it other roles.

Yvetta Kornová looked like a homeless person at the screening of the TV series Together.

Yvetta Kornová with event organizer David Novotny

But the most important thing is that he tries to rise from the bottom and live a decent life. That must make even her famous brother happy.

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