Jaromr Soukup showed off photos of thotn Agta. Bko u has already rounded up

Jaromr Soukup (57) posted photos of thotn Agta on Instagram. She also showed the body in the cell of her body. And the day has come to an end! Agta Hanychov (37) should currently be in her fourth month, and fans are arguing in the comments under the pictures whether her aunt is having a girl or a boy. Depending on the size of the tank, they even guessed doubles. The pregnancy model is doing a lot of work, and although complications have overtaken him, it seems that he is now back in full swing.

Cry and cry. Magic and magic. My Agta, wrote thotn Agty under the photo Jaromr Soukup. The model is holding her cheek, which is bulging at the bottom of the photo. Agta Hanychov I have a first child with Jaromr, from a previous relationship I have a son Krypno and a daughter Mia.

They have not yet revealed whether they are expecting a girl or a boy, but people are even guessing in the comments if the model is a double by chance. Big thanks to him, no wonder, the baby with Jaromr asked her at the very beginning of their relationship, to go to a magical mansion, where he has a luxury villa worth a billion.

But the pregnancy broke apart, so the mother would not cry. that she was expecting a baby, it became clear only three months after the date with Soukup. And because the information was released to the world at a time when mothers often do not accept such news, it was all the more painful when we witnessed Agta in the hospital. She started bleeding and I took my pregnancy at risk.

Agta needs to be careful, he used to ride like a dragon. Not long ago, she announced the end of the show Agta Jaromr Soukup, who was traveling with her love, and started broadcasting her own show Holika, where she appears without him.

Termn um but Agta clear. She will give birth at the end of April, so according to these reports, the model should be current in the fourth month.

Pregnancy is a bad news and on social media, you only get likes and praises. Some of the men even wrote that they were going to make Soukup’s mother look up.

He died not long ago in the Motolsk hospital when he sustained a broken arm after a bicycle accident. The late moderator had to undergo a one-hour slapping procedure, during which he also suffered a torn ligament.

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