Ivanka Trump is in Prague! Don’t expect luxury, she flew modestly on regular airlines

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the award-winning Czech native Ivana Trumpov (73) is in Prague. But if you expected that Ivanka would be sawing with a private jet and there would be hype around his skin, then you would be wrong. The modest million arrived by ordinary Turkish airlines, on a private plane. If there were no bodyguards and bodyguards on the flight, no one would have known that the descendant of the late American President Donald Trump (76) had arrived in the capital. Vladimr Kruli, the castle protocol, wrote it.

Long oekvan knit Ivanka Trump is here. Although it was assumed that as the heir to a billion dollar name, he would fly a private jet and would want all the honors he could, but the daughter appreciated Ivany Trumpov he didn’t look for luxury, on the contrary. She flew on a regular Turkish company line from Istanbul.

On the flight, he was waiting for her with a large bouquet of castle protocol Vladimir Kruliwho had only a single soul on modest Ivanka.

She kept repeating to me that she was a party to the fact that I was here and that she would receive an honorable mention from Mr. President for her mother. He is very modest, very gentle. And think that tomorrow night will be a day for all who will be there in the sea, ekl in the Press Club on Frequency 1.

In addition to Krulie, policemen, bodyguards and bodyguards were also waiting for the famous American woman to ensure the safety of the daughter of the famous Czech countryman as much as possible.

Ivanka flew from Istanbul on a regular airline.

Ivanka was driven by a luxury car.

Later, the VIP dog drove the black Mercedes to the Mandarin Hotel, where Ivanka is staying.

Today is a great evening, when President Milos Zeman will carry a statue decorated for his beloved mother, who died this year after falling down the stairs in her saddle, from the hands of President Milos Zeman.

According to him, Expres will be watching all day (and not only) around the Trumps.

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