Ivanka is suffering from the pain of sawing: Not only her mother’s death, her husband Jared is fighting cancer

Ivanka Trump’s magnificent skin is lost in the Letit Vclav Havel terminal, which is designed for VIP personalities and foreign delegations. The daughter of ex-president Donald Trump will be picked up there by a representative of the American embassy, ​​and during the following days, she will not only receive the statue honored for her late mother Ivana, but this is how the legacy will go. A beautiful and sympathetic blonde definitely does not make a nice counterpart.

The death of Ivanka’s mother, with whom Ivanka Trump had a close relationship, is not the only bad event that has befallen her in recent months.

The other is about his husband, businessman Jared Kushner, who is battling colon cancer.

It first manifested itself in him when he worked as an adviser to his father-in-law Donald in Blöm. That’s when he underwent his first operation. Jared was later the victim of a disgusting flow, according to the abbot, he made up the cancer to sell his book better.

However, the disease struck again, relatively recently and only a week after the birth of Ivana Trumpov. Kushner underwent a second operation in mid-August. Ivanka got a lot of attention, photographers in America even caught her playing.

Ivanka Trump

According to Jared’s own statements, the step turned out to be sleep, and he is fully recovered. A few days later, the whole family spent some time together in Miami, Kushner had his neck taped after surgery.

The question is whether Jared will accompany Ivanka to the eska, where to shoot with a private jet, according to the newspaper Aha! I’m sorry. She shouldn’t be up to the challenge alone, her brother Eric could accompany her.

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